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: Lazrs3 talks with Fuckmorgue lead singer Morgan Peni and guitarist Morgan Paradis about the band, its influences, and its history

By Lazrs3

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: Lazrs3 interviews Darrin Hall about his band Ciril.

By Lazrs3

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Sync or Swim

: Michael and Sooty Kemp review Sync or Swim, a development & adaptation of Lizzy Carey's performance proposal for Wet Sounds 2008.

By Michael Kemp & Sooty Kemp

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: Lazrs3 had heard the name Omewenne mentioned in high regard by some dedicated Rozz fans

By Lazrs3

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Jeff Keen

: A rare expanded cinema performance from this legendary Brighton-based experimental filmmaker, reviewed by Michael Kemp.

By Michael Kemp

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Patti Smith

: Michael Kemp reviews Patti Smith's gig at the Brighton Dome Concert Hall, August 2005.

By Michael Kemp

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Alain Noslier

: A short overview of the rare and elusive vignettes made by French film-maker Alain Noslier, virtually unseen by the general public.

By Michael Kemp

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: Meanwhile, back at home, the SMiLE album was nestling in the black mailbox (having been lost in the post for 37 years)

By Michael Kemp

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Shane Meadows

: British Cinema Saviour Spreading the Word, Guerrilla Filmmaker Defying the Establishment, Short Film Fanatic and Film Festival Legend.

By Joe Field

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