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Artists & Writers

Paul Watson

Paul Watson—artist and photographer—was born in England and has lived in various parts of the country, most recently settling in Brighton & Hove.

He primarily works in drawing, photography, and printmaking.

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Zenon Gradkowski

In the early formation of these paintings the primarily interest was making semi-abstract figure paintings that were related to much body based work of the time.

As the work progressed each form became minimal in comparison to earlier work, via colour reduction and eventual multiplication, allowing the paintings to achieve more in their own work and development.

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Françoise Duvivier

Françoise Duvivier is a French artist working in a variety of mixed media, including collage (digital and traditional), doll art and masks. Her artwork has appeared in exhibitions, in books and on CDs and record covers internationally.

Françoise’s collages are assembled from layers of paper, photocopies, and fragments recovered from newspapers. Her latest field of investigation is doll art, which she has come to after a period of working in mask-making.

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Michael Kemp

Michael Kemp has been haunting the Western Isles since 1950 and makes no apologies for it. He scrawls short pieces of text from time to time in order to ascertain whether he still exists. He navigates in a parallel world, and is currently looking for a rational explanation.

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Alex Kemp

London-born, itinerant mongrel, quietly raging. There's no particularly wistful anecdote about methods to insert here, as most of the work seems to fight its way out of the junk circus of my brain as an errant sentence, then develops further by accident.

I prefer to write from unflattering angles, under the influence of Dr Hunter S. Thompson, Poppy Z. Brite, Burroughs, post-punk, over a decade at the “patient” end of the medical spectrum, and England’s many shades of winter.

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Hardeep Sangha

Hardeep Sangha was born in the city of Wolverhampton, England, on the very day, one hundred years prior, legendary gunslinger, Doc Holliday, took down ex-army scout, Mike Gordon, with one flawless shot. He currently resides in Leicester, where he spends the majority of his day perfecting the art of the quick draw and compiling endless lists of words, ready for the hour when the urge to write seizes him.

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Sophie Quinn

Sophie is a Brighton based mess-maker. She uses acrylic, Indian ink, textiles, and forgotten meaningless rubbish to create textured, abstract mixed media images. Inspired by dilapidated and abandoned buildings, and deteriorated, mistreated surfaces.

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