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Brief Biography

Paul Watson—Artist and Printmaker—was born in England and has lived in various parts of the country, most recently settling in Brighton, UK. His book of artwork Myth and Masks is available in our online shop, along with many of his pieces of original artwork.

After getting his degree in art from Dartington College of Arts in 1992 he started developing a body of artwork based around assemblage and collage, mixing paint with found objects, whilst simultaneously taking an intensely active interest in the nascent web.

In 1996 he launched the Lazarus Corporation—as both pseudo-corporate entity and website—onto an unsuspecting online public. In the subsequent decade-and-a-half it has been coaxed through numerous evolutionary cycles.

His artwork has sold to collectors across Europe, the United States, and Canada, facilitated directly through this website rather than through galleries or agents. The people who buy his artwork are not typical moneyed art collectors, but rather a disparate mix of post-geographic subcultural outliers, interstitial eclectics, and noird-hunters.

From 1992 to 2005 his artwork developed in three discrete strands—assemblage and collage, pencil drawing, and photography—but while his drawings and photographs were sometimes created as individual works, they more frequently became material that fed into the creation of mixed-media assemblages and collages.

While not narrative in any formal sense, there has always been a strong textual element in his artwork - headlines ripped from newspapers and magazines are savagely recontextualised by their intersection with images of violence and detachment, and held in stratified bondage by scabbed layers of nicotine-coloured varnish.

More recently he has been concentrating on printmaking (letterpress and lino print), photography, and drawing. While this is a departure from his previous work in terms of medium, there is a shared aesthetic that makes this a natural progression.

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