Ivy Mask 1

Ivy Mask 1

This is the first of three photographs from the “Ivy Mask” series where the figure is reaching out of the image towards the viewer.

In this one the gesture is commanding - palm upwards, but held high. It’s a deliberately authoritative gesture.

About the Ivy Mask series

The “Ivy Mask” photographs are a slight departure from my recent artwork where I’ve been working with existing mythological characters. While ivy is mentioned in various mythologies, and was symbolically connected with Dionysus/Bacchus, I know of no actual mythological character embodying or representing it, although obviously there may have been many ivy deities whose stories have been lost. As such this character is my own invention.

The mask was made using a blank Venetian Volto-style mask, painted then adorned with fake ivy. More fake ivy was then used to drape the model, imitating the way that ivy grows up trees.