A Busy Few Months Ahead

It’s looking like an increasingly busy few months ahead!  I knew this project would take some considerable time right back when I took my Letterpress printing course back in February-April.

I’ve got most of the text for the Book of the Erinyes written and sometime over August/September I will be compositing the text in old lead moveable type, then printing it out.

With regards to the artwork, I’ve already done a test set of photographs with my artistic partner-in-crime Alice Kemp (who will be taking the role of Megeara) to explore the initial concepts. Hopefully we’ll be arranging the photoshoot itself one weekend this month.

Next come the other two Furies. Abbie has agreed to model for Tisiphone (hopefully sometime late September), but I’m still looking for a model for Alecto. If you’re interested and you’re in the South-East of England then let me know!