A Movie Trailer for an Artist’s Book?

I have this mad idea — I want to make a movie trailer for my handmade limited edition artist’s book.

I’ve been wondering how to promote the Book of the Erinyes and I realised it’s going to be difficult. It’s not just one image—it’s a whole book of images and text—so I can’t just put one big image on a web page.

My first idea (which I may still do) is a video or flash widget showing each page, with a hand turning the pages at intervals (or on the click of a button).

Once I’d got that idea I thought “why not make a trailer”. Well, why not? So that’s just what I’m going to do. As I progress with the Book of the Erinyes project I’m going to record clips for a movie-style trailer (as well as perhaps a “Making of…”). And I’ll put them all up on the internet for free.

I’ve just borrowed a Samsung VPL600 Video 8 camera from my friend Sooty, and I’ve got the studio lights that I use for photography. Now I just need someone with a very low gravelly voice for the obligatory ominous voice-over…