The Dream Eaters dance beneath the Crescent Moon

The Dream Eaters and the Crescent Moon (Waning) by Paul Watson

Being the latest of a (now traditionally unpunctual) series of updates on my Acid Renaissance series of artwork.

The Dream Eaters

I mentioned the Dream Eaters in my last update, but I’m mentioning them again because I’ve now got the set of Dream Eaters A5-sized postcards printed and available from my online shop for £5 plus P&P - response has been very good so far, I’m delighted to say. The five postcards are the ones in the image above (not including the Moon one, which I’m just about to talk about in the next paragraph).

The Crescent Moon (Waning)

I took the photographs for Crescent Moon (Waning) — pictured top centre amongst the Dream Eaters in the image above — a week ago, and I’ve now got 12ʺ × 12ʺ giclée prints available to order from my online shop. It feels like an album cover, somehow - must be the dimensions.

Delaware Road: Ritual and Resistance

As I mentioned recently I will be exhibiting and selling artwork at the Delaware Road Ritual & Resistance event in about 2 weeks time on August 17th and 18th - I believe there are only a handful of tickets left at time of writing so now’s the time to grab a ticket if you want to come:

If the logistics work out then I should be displaying/selling prints of all my Acid Renaissance photos, my England's Dark Dreaming and Myth and Masks books; the Dream Eaters postcards; other sundry older work. I may also be exhibiting, for the first time ever, one of my England’s Dark Dreaming drawings.

What’s next this month?

I probably won’t be doing any more artwork over August because of the event above and I’m also taking a short well-deserved holiday which will involve standing stones and ritual landscapes. So August will be a “sketchbook month” in which I recharge, draw inspiration from the places I visit, and frantically scribble down half-formed ideas for future artwork. I find that breaks like these are a necessity in order to keep creating.