Art Ideas - September 2013

Planning one of these for mid-October. Not sure which one. Will need model and/or props.

  1. Series of photographs: A person completely painted white against a white or yellow/brown or black background. Smudged charcoal “tribal” markings - war paint or ritual - half-camouflaging the figure. Glares at camera. Some shots blurred from rapid movement. Classical marble statues juxtaposed with prehistoric body paint. Ur-hunter.
  2. Short piece of video: Three costumed figures (Harlequinade? Commedia dell’arte?) dart between pillars in a baroque interior, filled with ornate chairs and gold-framed oil paintings. Then suddenly slow to half normal speed, then propelled into inhumanly fast. The figures’ relationship with time is different to ours. One’s face suddenly fills the screen, taking an interest in the camera, then flits away at unnatural speed.
  3. Series of Paintings: based on any or all of the above.
  4. A Mask: Adorned with silvery scales. Half fish, half moon. Photographs/Lino prints of it being modelled.
  5. Series of Photographs/Video: Re-imagining of Neolithic or Bronze/Iron Age ritual. 1-3 celebrants in masks with sparse props. In wood/forest?