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A new set of postcards of my drawings

A new set of postcards of my drawings

A couple of weeks ago I decided to get a set of postcards made of four of my drawings, and they’re now available to order on the shop section of this website (£3.50 for the set of 4 postcards, which is about $5.68 USD or €4.48 EUR at time of writing).

I decided to get the postcards printed to solve a common artistic dilemma: on the one hand I really want my artwork to be affordable by normal people, but on the other hand I also want need to be paid fairly for the hours of effort and the costs of materials and payments to models that all go into making a piece of artwork.

I am very much aware that buying an original drawing for £175 ($284 USD/€224 EUR) is out of the financial reach of many people (and even at £175 I’m probably under-pricing it, but that’s a separate matter) so I wanted to come up with something that was affordable for just about any pocket, but didn’t leave me out-of-pocket.

When I visit museums and galleries I always end up buying postcards of the artwork, and so the obvious solution was to do the same thing. I’ll probably be getting more sets of cards printed in the near future if they sell well, so I hope you like them! You can buy a set here - shipping is free anywhere in the world.

Note: there’s also an older set of postcards of some of my Medea photographs from 2012 available on the online shop.