Badb Catha Framed

Badb Catha print framed

Last pic of this one - I’ll be starting some new artwork at the end of this week.

I mounted and framed a copy of my new Badb Catha print. I’m not sure that I have enough spare wall space to hang this up, though - especially since the frame is 30ʺ × 20ʺ (a stray Dr Marten boot is visible to the right of the photo for size comparison).

The print is 16ʺ × 12ʺ, printed on some nice 26ʺ × 20ʺ 210gsm BFK Rives Blanc paper. I’m very pleased with it. :)

The print is a Limited Edition of 20 and there are 19 left, which can be ordered (not framed or mounted!) from: my online shop.