Book Bindings and Vine Leaves

vine leaves

One of the things I’ve started considering is how to bind the 30 to 50 copies of the Book of the Erinyes.

I decided right from the start that they’d all be individually hand-bound and I would try different binding materials across the limited edition.

I’ve been on holiday on the Greek island of Naxos for the past couple of weeks and, while touring the souvenir shops I spotted some sketch books/journals for sale that were bound with dried vine leaves.

This seemed like a great idea to steal — especially for a Greek subject like the Erinyes. So I quickly collected and pressed a dozen vine leaves and brought them back with me. I like the idea of some of the copies of the Book of the Erinyes being bound in dried Vine Leaves—a particularly Greek motif—is particularly appealing, especially since the vine leaves were specially collected on a Greek island by the artist (no expense is spared scouring the world for materials for my art!).