Bookbinding Practice

textblock sewnAs the pace has started to pick up on the Book of the Erinyes project I decided it was time to get some much-needed bookbinding practice.

I’d sewn together a collection of blank signatures a week-or-so ago and tipped on the endpapers, but I was feeling somewhat nervous about the case binding.

Today I took the plunge and put together my first case binding, and attached it to the signatures to produce a finished book.

I was fairly pleased with the results — although the edges of the pages are very uneven from where I’d had to cut them with a knife since I don’t have a guillotine or a plough for trimming the pages properly.

case bound bookI’ve been teaching myself bookbinding, and there have been three books which have been a great help:

I’d recommend all of these three books to anyone thinking of teaching themselves hand bookbinding.

The Handmade Books DVD from Shepherds was also an invaluable help — although the books mentioned above are excellent, watching the techniques being demonstrated lets you fully understand the process.

So my first book is bound and I’ve learnt a lot about all the necessary techniques that I can use on the Book of the Erinyes. I’ve got at least a couple of months until the text and photographs for the Book of the Erinyes will be ready, so I’m going to do a few more practice pieces using blank paper over the coming weeks.