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The Collective Imagined Future England

By Paul Watson on .

Stills from The Wicker Man, Quatermass TV series, and The Last of England

As an experiment I asked the following question on Twitter:

Right: you are all characters/professions/creatures in my vision of a post-apocalyptic England after the Dark Dream has come, where a new society is slowly being built that is a strange mix of pastoral and future-modern. So what specifically are *you*? (send answers via @ or DM)

(warning: by answering you may find yourself in my next series of artwork)

starting point: Take Derek Jarman’s "The Last of England" and mix with "The Wicker Man", combine with the Planet People from 70s TV version of Quatermass, and drench heavily with English myth and folklore as required.

I wanted get a sense of the collective imagination, and see where it would go. I wanted input from the people who might buy something of my next series of artwork included in the artwork itself. The replies - in just the first 3 hours - have been fantastic.

Public replies so far from non-locked accounts (in chronological order)

Replies via DM or from locked accounts (unless permission was explicitly given to share) have been excluded from this list, because they weren’t posted publicly, but I am very thankful for those as well.

I may keep updating this blogpost if more replies come in.

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