Drawing and various other plans for 2014

I’m really getting back into drawing after concentrating on printmaking & photography.

I’m certainly not going to stop doing printmaking & photography, but I’ve decided that 2014 will include a lot of drawing.

I need to get back into life-drawing - there are a few good life-drawing sessions in Brighton (the Draw Brighton ones in New England House are particularly good) - but I always need longer poses than they generally allow for. That’s the fault of my drawing style, not the fault of the life-drawing sessions!

So anyway, I’ll be looking for life-models in Brighton from January onwards.I pay £15 per hour (and a session typically lasts 3 hours with a couple of 5-10 minute breaks for you to stretch your aching muscles, warm up, and have a cup of tea). If anyone’s interested drop me a line: here.

The drawings will hopefully inspire new printmaking ideas, as well as being finished pieces in their own right.

Which reminds me, I need to sort out some cheap sale prices for my current stock of prints - should be sometime in January.