England’s Dark Dreaming book

the cover of the book

As those of you who follow me on Twitter will know, the book of my England’s Dark Dreaming series of drawings is now available to pre-order. It’s due to be published in early/mid August priced £14.99, but pre-orders are available now at the discounted price of £12.99 (both prices exclude shipping, but shipping is free in the UK).

The book will be an A4-sized (297mm × 210mm, or about 11.69ʺ × 8.27ʺ for those of you in the US) paperback and will contain high-resolution copies of all twenty-four England’s Dark Dreaming drawings, along with a short essay about the series and assorted pieces of text about each drawing. I’m also including a much-extended and revised version of my Deep England article, and David Southwell of Hookland has kindly agreed to write a foreword.

Since I’m self-publishing this (the Lazarus Corporation serves as a publishing house, amongst many things) the pre-orders are really important to me because they help subsidise the printing costs and they also give me a really clear indication of how many copies to get printed. Since printing costs per copy decrease as the print run gets larger, getting quite a few pre-orders is also really important financially.

I don’t have a marketing department — it’s just me — so getting people’s attention is difficult. So I have a couple of favours to ask:

  1. If you can, please pre-order a copy!
  2. If you can, please tweet/post/blog etc about it if your friends/followers are into this sort of thing. And please include the link to order the book - https://shop.lazaruscorporation.co.uk/product/england-s-dark-dreaming-by-paul-watson

The book is only available from the link above, and while it may be listed on Amazon etc you can’t buy it from there. When it’s published I might look into the possibility of having it stocked in a small handful of independent bookshops, but margins are very tight and I doubt I could give them the discounts they are used to (another reason why it’s not for sale on Amazon!)