Ideas for a New Piece

The Blindfolded Seeress - sketch and print

The Blindfolded Seeress - sketch and print

I’ve started putting my ideas together for the next series of artwork, which will probably consist of a lino print as well as a series of photographs.

It’s all based around another imagined mythological character which I haven’t thought of a name for yet. There are some visual similarities with Badb Catha, but rather than crow-based she will be more jackdaw-based. Again, she will be a raw, primitive character, but somehow spikier than Badb Catha. Essentially a bit more witch-like.

I’ve bought 5 replica resin bird skulls—eBay is a never-ending source of the bizarre—which I will stain and make into a necklace of some sort.

Playing with the jackdaw idea, I think she will have a collection of stolen gold and silver trinkets hanging from her arms and neck, for which I will be scouring the second-hand shops this weekend. Charcoal/soot markings on the skin of the legs, chest, and stomach. The white mask will be painted black and adorned - with black feathers, probably.

I keep thinking of the lino print version, and about picking out the gold and silver trinkets that hang from her in gold and silver leaf. It would be time-consuming, but worth it.