January 2016 art update

some packages postcards, a mask made of wheat, and a sickle

January is two-thirds gone, but things are coming together. I just received an email from my printers: the books of my artwork have been printed, and I just have to wait for them to bind them and deliver them now. I’m hoping they’ll arrive next week, at which point I’ll be selling them through my online shop on this website.

Over the weekend I plan to do a solarplate relief print, which is something I’ve never done before: I’ve done one solarplate etching before as an experiment, but never a relief print.

I’ve also got the photoshoot for my “Come unto the corn” masked figure scheduled for Tuesday of next week. The mask for this was possibly the most difficult to make: the stalks of wheat were fragile and only reluctantly stayed in place after being fixed with a hot glue gun.

In the meantime the Photographs taken from the edge of the wood at midnight set of photographic prints is selling slowly but surely, which is good to see, and lino print orders are coming in with a pleasing regularity from the UK and Europe, and increasingly now from the US. Thank you to all of you who’ve bought pieces of my artwork from my online shop, and if you haven’t yet then why not treat yourself to your first piece of artwork of 2016.

The point of all this is that there is a lot going on here at Lazarus Corporation HQ, despite the apparent lack of news. Many new things will burst forth from the darkness soon. That’s called fair warning!