July 2013 Progress Report

1. Series of photographs and/or lino prints: A woman stands clothes in ivy, twining round her arms, hanging in drapes from her arms. Dark leafy woodland in the background. Pale flesh visible between strands of ivy. Her face is a mask of ivy leaves. She holds a gnarled wooden wand, also entwined by ivy.

Mask finished. I have a model sorted for the photos (no date for the photoshoot scheduled yet, but that will come).

2. Series of photographs: A person completely painted white against a white or yellow/brown or black background. Smudged charcoal “tribal” markings - war paint or ritual - half-camouflaging the figure. Glares at camera. Some shots blurred from rapid movement. Classical marble statues juxtaposed with prehistoric body paint. Ur-hunter.

Ok, I haven’t done any work on this one yet. Any volunteers?

3. A Mask: Adorned with silvery scales. Half fish, half moon. Photographs/Lino prints of it being modelled.

Started the initial work on the fish/moon mask.

4. A series of photographs of recreations of classical statues. Model’s body painted white, and draped with white cloth.

Not sure why I’ve had a sudden burst of creativity/organisation recently, but I’m not complaining! :)