July 2020 Links

Artwork by Paul Watson

The Heartwood Institute’s Tomorrow’s People – Exploring Far Off Utopian Flipsides: Wanderings 14/26

The latest blogpost from A Year In The Country discusses The Heartwood Institute’s album Tomorrow’s People via some personal interests of mine: utopian societies, Gerrard Winstanley, and the Quatermass TV series.

On a world without police

Law and justice without policing on the Going Medieval blog:

Outside of these measures to reframe our relationship between policing and the community, there has been a call for a greater emphasis on restorative justice for violent criminal activity. Again, observation of medieval practices can help give some guidance for those looking toward community-oriented justice measures.

Felt Trips: “Horror Swamp” by Paul Gorman

From Bob Fischer’s The Haunted Generation blog, on children in the 1980s creating their own Fighting Fantasy style gamebooks (I remember making at least two of them myself).

Landscapes of Detectorists

A review of the newly published book Landscapes of Detectorists (edited by Innes M. Keighren and Joanne Norcup) on the Corse Present blog.

Vittles 6.15 - Rice Cookers

On Rice Cookers, via bread machines, technological optimism, artisanal bread-making, and John Locke’s labour theory of property.


Artist Nell Latimer has put together a Limited edition artists Zine to fundraise for Creswell Crags.

Maria Strutz Limited Edition Prints

Maria’s online shop went live a couple of months ago and has some wonderful and affordable prints.