Life-Drawing September 2022

Life-drawing, 1 hour pose

Life-drawing, 1 hour pose (pencil)

My plan to re-introduce regular life-drawing into my artistic practice is still going ahead, even though it’s not as frequent as I’d hoped yet. Some of that is the logistics of finding and booking a life-model, while another factor is the cost-of-living crisis: paying out £60 (plus travel expenses) for each session without seeing any financial return on that expense is not something I can afford to do as often as I’d want.

Life-drawing, 30 minute pose

Life-drawing, 30 minute pose (pencil)

I did manage to organise a session with new (for me) life-model Katrina on Friday, and produced some passable drawings, some of which are illustrated here.

Life-drawing, 40 minute pose

Life-drawing, 40 minute pose (pencil)

I’m working in pencil at the moment - I might switch to pastel or charcoal at some point, but pencil requires less set-up, and less cleaning-up afterwards.