Life-drawings and Myth and Masks

Photograph by Paul Watson

eBay Experiment

The drawers in my plan chest are full, I’ve run out of space to store artwork and a plan chest drawer filled to the top with stacked paper is surprisingly heavy - just opening and closing a drawer is starting to become heavy exercise.

So, as an experiment, I’ve put three of my life-drawings up on eBay. Each one is A2 size (thatʼs ~23×16½″). £25 opening bid on each, no reserve prices, will ship globally. The auctions are set for 7 days and so will end on 10am BST on 20th May 2020.

Here’s the link that should show you all three:

The aim is twofold:

  1. To make some space in my plan chest for new artwork, and
  2. To make some money to pay life-models to pose for new life-drawings when the virus has receded enough to make it safe.

If the experiment works then I’ll repeat it with some of my other life-drawings in a week’s time.

Myth and Masks

I’ve also applied a temporary hefty discount to my first book of artwork - Myth and Masks - down from £29.99 to £19.99. No discount code is needed - it’s automatically discounted for all customers when ordering from my online shop.