Life Model Rates 2018

Drawings by Paul Watson

Drawings by the author

As the new year approaches I decided it was time to review the rates I pay life models again.

I try to review these rates on a regular basis because

  1. It’s the right thing to do,
  2. Life models are hard-working and valued collaborators in my artistic practice and their pay should reflect that value,
  3. Unless you’re a member of the super-rich the economy of the UK isn’t working well for most of the population.

So, after some questions on various social media channels, I’ve decided to increase the rates I pay life models from £15 per hour to £20 per hour in 2018 - which adds up to £60 for a typical 3-hour (including breaks) life drawing session.

I’m planning to do my first life drawing of 2018 in some sessions in February (weekends of 10/11 and 17/18) and March (weekend of 24/25), all of which will probably be for my continuing England’s Dark Dreaming series.

I’m always looking to increase the pool of life models available to work with me, so if you’re a Brighton-based life model who I haven’t worked with before (or if you’ve never life modelled, but you’d like to give it a go) please drop me a line via the contact form or through one of my social media channels. Then you could end up being paid to be part of this strange series.