My artwork in 2015

a collage of all the artwork mentioned in this post

I wanted to do a quick review of the artwork I’ve produced this year, not just to show it all to you, but also for my own benefit: as an artist sometimes you forget how much work you’ve actually done because you’re too busy concentrating creating the next thing.

Since I’m probably not going to get any artwork done before the new year, this seemed like a good time to sit back and take stock (and other similar clichés), while taking a final opportunity of 2015 to point you in the direction of my online shop.

Clicking any of the small pictures in this post below (not the ones above) will take you to the page in my online gallery for that particular piece of artwork.


I didn’t do much printmaking in 2015. The only two pieces—the Forest Figure and the Moss Figure—were cut and printed towards the end of the year when inspiration and enthusiasm for this medium returned along with a desire for experimentation: “cutting” the lino using a power drill with a wire brush attachment and etching into the lino with a sticky caustic soda solution.

Now that a feeling for this medium has returned I expect to be doing more lino prints in 2016. In the meantime both these prints are available in strictly limited, hand-numbered, and hand-signed, editions through my online shop, both priced at £55 per print.

Forest Figure Moss Figure


My photographic work during 2015 followed the theme of the past couple of years, exploring mythic characters, frequently with masks, using strong chiaroscuro lighting. Again, this is something I expect to continue in 2016 - and indeed I have a couple of plans for a couple of characters with masks already half-made (although no models or dates for the photoshoots arranged as yet - I hope to start in January).

The seven photographs below represent a tiny selection of those I actually took. I’ll typically take 300-800 photographs during one photoshoot, and pick just two or three to use.

The Forest Priestess figure from this year’s photographic work appears in a set of four 148mm × 210mm (approx. 8¼ʺ × 5¾ʺ) photographs of mine entitled “Photographs taken from the edge of the wood at midnight”. The set of four costs £7.95 (just under $12 US) post-free anywhere in the world through my online shop.

Untitled (Forest Priestess) 1 Untitled (Forest Priestess) 2 Untitled (Forest Priestess) 3 Untitled (Forest Priestess) 4 Untitled (rook feathers and ivy) Untitled (ivy) Untitled (moss figure)


Drawing, particularly life-drawing, remains a cornerstone of my artistic practice. It is frequently seen as merely a “preparatory” artform, but for me it is far more fundamental to the whole of my practice. In 2016 I intend to start doing some drawings more in the manner of my photographs, with the models clothed, masked, and otherwise bearing the props of mythic characters.

I also found a couple of male life-drawing models towards the end of 2015, and while a short illness and various other obstacles prevented me from employing them before the end of this year, I will certainly be using them in 2016, initially for drawing, but potentially for photography as well, giving me a much more balanced set of mythic characters.

Life Drawing (March 2015) Life Drawing 2 (March 2015) Life Drawing 1 (June 2015) Life Drawing 1 (September 2015) Life Drawing 1 (October 2015) Life Drawing 2 (October 2015) Life Drawing 3 (October 2015) Life Drawing, Seated Reading 1 Life Drawing, Seated Reading 2