On Mammoth Projects and Future Plans

Work on the letterpress side of the Book of the Erinyes is on temporary hiatus while I wait for the letterpress facilities of Brighton Independent Printmaking to re-open as Ink Spot Press in June. I’ve got 9 of the 13 chapters printed, so it shouldn’t take too long to finish them off when the facilities reopen.

In the meantime I’ve been planning out more lino prints (while simultaneously making some tentative moves to arrange the photoshoots with the two volunteers who are modelling for furies Alecto and Megaera).

This unavoidable period of inactivity has given me an opportunity to start thinking about what to do after the Book of the Erinyes is finished. This Book has been a mammoth project that was conceived in 2007 and started in 2008. Three years later it’s still occupying all my creative time.

So I suspect my next few projects will be much smaller in scale — or at least achievable in a timescale measurable in weeks or months rather than years!