Patience and Serendipity

The unplanned suspension of work on the Book of the Erinyes over the past couple of months (due in no small part to moving house) has proved serendipitous — I’ve been thinking a lot about the planned artwork, and each idea is now wrapped in an abundance of layers.

As well as allowing me to revise and refine the planned images, this frustrating time spent thinking-without-doing has also greatly increased the complexity of the iconography to a point where I’m now almost glad I’ve had this opportunity to delay the project.

I’ve been doing a lot more background reading — moving on from the original Greek myths of the Erinyes, and onto their appearance in popular culture (Neil Gaiman’s Sandman story arc The Kindly Ones has been a particularly refreshing treatment).

Oh, and I’m still looking for models, so if you want to play a part in this, please get in contact.