Planning for Saints & Martyrs

a photograph of a selection of props - fake gems, a skull mask, a golden diadem, various gold embroidered ribbons, and Paul Koudounaris’ book

No assembly instructions supplied, alas

I’m currently planning an Acid Renaissance photographic piece — working title: Saints & Martyrs — which is heavily inspired by the “catacomb saints” so wonderfully recorded by Paul Koudounaris in his 2013 book Heavenly Bodies: Cult Treasures & Spectacular Saints from the Catacombs.

It’s going to take a fair time to put together all the props and plans as you can see from the photo above that shows just a few of the initial materials (and there will be more).

And strange confluences are being unearthed, such as the siren from the Jibaro episode of Love, Death & Robots, as well as the reality of these “saints” that is revealed in Paul Koudounaris’ book.

As well as making the props I also need to add some more layers to the concept of the whole piece, so there’s a lot of planning and work ahead before the finished piece appears, as if by magic, on the web.

If all this wasn’t enough I still haven't won the lottery, so I still have to continue to work at my day job for most of the week.