Shadows of the Hinterlandscape

the full contents of the box set

Contents of the Shadows of the Hinterlandscape box set

Selling artwork is always difficult, especially in the UK for some reason. People are reluctant to buy artwork - maybe they think it’s expensive or that you need to be an expert in the “art world” before buying art? Neither of these are true, but these attitudes seem prevalent.

I could sit and moan about this, but I decided to try something different. Taking inspiration from some of the high-quality collectable CD and DVD box sets I’ve treated myself to over the years, frequently full of various interesting extras and other bits & pieces, I wondered whether the same format would work for visual artwork.

And so out of that speculation came the Shadows of the Hinterlandscape Limited Edition Box Set of my artwork.

Shadows of the Hinterlandscape is a box set collection of some of my previously published artwork and some which hasn’t been published before. The box set is strictly limited to 20 hand-numbered copies and contains:

This embarrassment of riches is all contained within the hand-labelled and -numbered box, wrapped in black tissue paper and sealed with sealing wax (that I picked up a few years ago on a trip to Slovenia). All this for £25 (excluding shipping).

It’s started to sell well, so I might well be looking at doing more (different) limited edition box sets in the future, and I might also be mining the music and cinematic industries for other ways of selling artwork.

In the meantime, if you want to get your hands on one before they all sell out, there are still some copies of Shadows of the Hinterlandscape left on my online shop.