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Tales from A Brightonian Death

By Paul Watson on .

My Death mask photograph projected behind the Champagne Bubblies and Lux Interior's coffin

A very short blog post today just to share a couple of pics from A Brightonian Death, the Brighton Fringe event where one of my Death Mask photographs was used: projected on the screen behind the stage, and also on the front cover of the programme.

It was a really interesting event, with talks from James Burt (“Sussex Death Folklore”), Suzanne Rolfe (“A Liminal Space”), Tora Colwill (“The Future of Death”), and River Jones (“Death Café”), and music from Honey and Delilah a.k.a. the Champagne Bubblies.

Dr David Bramwell, one of the hosts of the Odditorium podcast, led the proceedings in the presence of the stage coffin of Lux Interior from the Cramps.

Apologies for the quality of the pics here - I only had my mobile phone to hand.

The front cover of the programme (and flower)