The Children of Winter

It seems appropriate, announcing that The Children of Winter is the first piece of artwork in my new Acid Renaissance: Albion’s True Standard Advanced series, that I am coming down with a bad cold.

In No one dreams of England’s future any more I promised a vision of a radically-imagined future England that would be a little more optimistic than the typical “more capitalism with even more technology” scenario, and with that promise of a radical future was the hint of something a bit more positive.

The Children of Winter seems to contradict that intent, and seems to deliver a rather chilly (pun intended) post-apocalyptic tribal vision. But this is just the starting point, a place from which to start finding the radical future(s). It came out of a great session of work just over a week ago that produced a large-scale life-drawing, a series of photographs, and the short video at the beginning of this blog post.

Nice big 15ʺ × 10ʺ giclée prints of The Children of Winter are now available from my online shop for £17 excluding shipping - please take a look and, even better, order yourself a print!

And now I’m off to wrap up warm and try to recover.