The Republic of Zines

Rituals and Declarations

Back in April Warren Ellis referenced the Republic of Letters to talk about email newsletters, a Republic of Newsletters.

The next 18 months will see a small explosion of print zines — a Republic of Zines — about “the Weird”, including @RitualsZine which I’m working on myself. No, that’s not a prophecy - it’s what I’ve heard from various people who are putting them together.

These zines will not be in competition with each other, but rather I see it as another version of the Republic of Letters, an open conversation that will be a public wealth. @weirdwalk started it in May.

Zines have, of course, been around for decades, but we'll see a surge in these tangible yet ephemeral artifacts. Some will be one-offs, some will be short-lived or deliberately limited runs, some will continue for some time. Collect them all.