New website using RDFa

To start off 2014 I’ve launched a brand new version of my website. As you can see, this blog, which used to be on its own subdomain of, has moved to its new home of, and the RSS feed is now available at

For those interested, I’ve also got another blog that concentrates on my artistic practice.

One of the biggest changes with this new version of my website is use of RDFa as the primary method to express structured semantic data about the artwork (and articles, blog posts, products etc.) within the HTML5.

I haven’t yet implemented the VisualArtwork draft that I proposed on the Public Vocabs mailing list because it’s still only a draft, but if/when it’s officially adopted by then I can implement it on this website within minutes. At the moment, then, I’m using the existing CreativeWork type for artwork pages, which is a little generic, but will suffice for the moment.

This new version of the Lazarus Corporation website was only launched on 30th December 2013, so Google, Bing, et al. have only just started indexing the new HTML5+RDFa – it’ll be interesting to see how the rich snippets look compared to the old version of the site (which used HTML5 and some sparse Microdata).