VisualArtwork goes live

It was back in April 2013 when I first started thinking about how could be used to semantically mark up artwork on web pages, and a month later when I proposed my initial solution on the W3CPublic Vocabs mailing list.

That all feels like a long time ago now, but I’m happy to report that is now live as part of version 1.93. Many thanks to Dan Brickley and all of the contributors for their help and hard work!

There are three examples that I put together (each shown with Microdata, RDFa, and JSON) on the official page so I won’t bother adding more examples here, but if you do want any more live examples please feel free to look at the HTML5 source of any of the individual artwork pages in any of the artists galleries on this very website.

I’ve also prepared two other posts looking at advanced usage of the new VisualArtwork class: mapping VRA Core 4 format to and Getty AAT Linked Open Data in - see links below:

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