Twitter as an essential tool for artists

Twitter is the rising star of social media at the moment, and is a surprisingly good tool for artists.

From US President Barack Obama’s use of Twitter throughout his election campaign to the UK comedian Stephen Fry’s high-profile use of Twitter, it’s clear that it’s gaining a lot of ground and breaking into mainstream use.

As such, as well as using it myself (you can follow me & my art projects on Twitter!) I’m going to be embeding Twitter’s functionality into the open-source Artists Website Software that I’m currently developing – not only easily allowing an artist’s Twitter feed to be displayed on the website, but also mechanisms to easily post items to Twitter feeds.

If you’re new to Twitter then Squidoo has a very good Artist’s Guide to Twitter that explains everything from an easy to follow explanation of what Twitter is and how to use it, to arts marketing strategies using Twitter.

I’ve been looking for articles specifically about Artists using Twitter and have found a few good pages:

I’d be very interested to hear how other artists have used this new tool.