Mailing List sign-up without leaving Twitter

If you follow my Twitter feed, you might have seen this tweet:

screenshot from my Twitter feed

Here's that same tweet embedded (you can click the link in the Tweet to see the tweet as it appeared to my followers):

Letting people sign up to your mailing list without leaving Twitter is very useful - it makes it easy by reducing the time and clicks needed. The subscriber doesn’t even need to enter their email address because Twitter feeds it through to the mailing list for you.

The guide on the MailChimp website is a little out-of-date (they’ve changed their user interface a bit since they published the guide) so here’s a quick update:

What you need:

  1. A Twitter Account
  2. A MailChimp Account
  3. A Privacy Policy page on your website
  4. An image to be embedded in your tweet (minimum 600px × 150px, maximum file size 1MB)
  5. About 10 minutes of spare time

In MailChimp

Navigate to: Lists -> (the list you want Twitter users to sign up to) -> Signup forms -> Form Integrations

The two pieces of data you need are in the “Twitter” section:

Make a note of these, or leave this browser tab open so you can copy-and-paste them in a few minutes.

In Twitter

Now sign into using your Twitter account.

Don’t be put off by the line advising you to enter your credit card details - you don’t need to for this!

Navigate to: Creatives->Cards->Create Lead Generation Card

Now fill in the form - it's fairly self-explanatory and the wizard helps, but there are a few less obvious bits:

Save your card. You won’t be able to test it unless the email associated with your Twitter account is not yet subscribed, so just click “Yes” to “Did you receive this data”

You can then use the card by clicking “Compose Tweet with this card”. You can re-use this “card” multiple times whenever you need to offer a sign-up link in a tweet.

My only minor annoyance with the way MailChimp have implemented their side of this is that people who subscribe via Twitter are counted as “Imports” rather than “Subscribes”, which feels wrong since by definition only a signed-in Twitter user could have signed up this way. But like I say, it’s only a minor annoyance.

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