Using Facebook to promote your artwork

Facebook Pages are a recent addition to Facebook, and they’re currently the best way for an artist to promote their artwork on Facebook (better than Facebook Groups, which are an earlier addition).

If you’ve got a normal Facebook account then setting up an Artist’s Page is very easy: go to this page, make your choices, and follow the instructions.

Facebook supply several resources to help you maintain and promote your page. First you’ll need the Facebook Pages Insider’s Guide - a PDF guide to how to do everything. It’s only 28 pages long, and to Facebook’s credit, is very clearly written and easy to understand.

Customising your page, adding applications (such as a feed from your blog) and uploading gallery images is easy.

You can promote your Facebook page both on Facebook itself (with Facebook’s Social Ads program if you’ve got a budget), and outside Facebook (so long as you follow their guidelines) like so:

Find us on Facebook
The Lazarus Corporation on Facebook

(Go on, follow the link and like our page!)

Expecting a longer post? Not this time – I was very pleasantly surprised to find how quick and easy it was. I’m planning a follow-up post soon with some strategies for using your Facebook Artist’s Page.

EDIT: a follow-up can now be found here.