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Some notes on the Lazarus Corporation Text Mixing Desk v2.0

I wrote the original Lazarus Corporation Text Mixing Desk back in 2004 - a first attempt to see what I could do with text manipulation in PHP. It wasn’t very good code, but it worked (sort of) and a lot of people liked it.

Ten years later I have finally got round to recoding it. It’s still not brilliant code, but it’s a little better, a bit more secure, and easier for me to maintain.

Given that I seem to have a 10-yearly release cycle(!) I haven’t spent too much time making sure this works with older browsers. I’ve used the new range form-field input types that come with HTML5, and while I’ve tried to add some fall-back JavaScript I doubt it will ever work properly in old browsers, particularly Internet Explorer 8 or 9.

I remember all-too-well the days when websites would be emblazoned with warnings like “Optimized for Netscape Navigator 3” and I don’t want to return to them, but I have to weigh that up against how many hours I want to spend on workarounds for the failings of older browsers. And the answer is: not many. Just upgrade - it’s safer and more secure.

– Paul Watson, September 2014