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About the Lazarus Corporation

The Lazarus Corporation is a home for my (Paul Watson) artwork.

As well as being a website it is also an imprint, being the publishing house for books of my artwork, and from 2019 to 2022 for Rituals & Declarations zine.

It first appeared on the web back in 1996, an impudent blot on the landscape of the free webspace provided by Demon Internet (my ISP of the time). Things changed: it got bigger, it got faster, it got more savvy to technology. Now it’s here, residing on some stable, fast commercial webhost. It’s still changing and mutating.

It started out as a website for my artwork. Then artist friends wanted to host their work on it too (this was before the days of instant website building software, when you needed to know HTML, PHP, and CSS).

Now it's moving back to being a website for just my own artwork again (although the old galleries of other artists’ work are still here).

What other people have said about us:

“Experimental writing, artwork of various sorts, and articles - the Lazarus Corporation is ‘a collaborative project’ and ‘an experimental space’ devoted to sex and paranoia, science and nightmare. Well-designed, clever and articulate; and as a matter of fact they take a lively interest in all experimental work, whether it echoes their own preferred style or not.”

Edward Picot

“Thought provoking and arresting … a much needed purgative for the banality of contemporary culture.”

Wayne Bertola

“Art is fun, but I don’t really like to talk about it that much. Looking is cool. Experiencing it is cool. But talking about it and getting all philomosophical about it just twists me the wrong way. So I don’t have much to say about what you will find at the Lazarus Corporation’s website other than that it makes me go ‘Oooh!’.”

DaddyD, Der Österreichische Rundfunk on FM4

“A great multi-medium arts collective out of the UK. Even if you do not like it, guaranteed to make you feel something.”

Wayne H W Wolfson