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Website Code Updates

Just a page letting you know what has changed and when (in reverse chronological order), since the launch of this incarnation of the website in October 2023. For previous incarnations of this website, please see the History page.

Future Roadmap (in no particular order)

Version History

2nd November 2023: version 1.3.1

18th October 2023: version 1.3.0

12th October 2023: version 1.2.0

Hopefully the last in the flurry of post-launch fixes and additions, and now I can hope to move to a more considered and thoughtful schedule for the continual development of the website.

9th October 2023: version 1.1.0

6th October 2023: version 1.0 (re-launch)

A whole new codebase. This new version is a little more up-to-date, introducing newer and faster-loading image formats (AVIF and WebP), and discarding JavaScript libraries since I only ever used 1% of their functionality anyway. It uses a slimmer and more up-to-date MVC framework as well.