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Lazarus Corporation Rebooted

It’s taken some considerable time, but as you can now see the Lazarus Corporation website has been completely rewritten and redesigned.

The previous incarnation (“Version 4”) was designed & developed in 2005 (with earlier versions going back to 1996), and while it had aged reasonably gracefully over the past half-decade, it was time for something fresh.

The new design is built in HTML5 which, strictly speaking, is a technology still under development (and isn’t currently supported by some web browsers), but thanks to a little behind-the-scenes trickery the website should work in all modern browsers.

It’s also designed to work better on smartphones & tablets, although we’re not making any promises until the end of February, after which we’ll have been able to tweak it for those smaller screens.

The new design is—as you’ll have noticed if you’re a regular visitor—cleaner and more “spacious”. We hope this will show off the artwork better - which, after all, is the main purpose of this site. Likewise articles should be easier to read due to better typography.

The discussion forums are on a temporary hiatus, but they’ll be returning later this year, along with a few other new features.

2011 Reboot: Welcome to Version 5 of the Lazarus Corporation.