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A Smattering of Updates

There are a couple of minor updates I thought you might want to know about.

The Corporate Archives

Firstly, I’ve quickly put together an “Archive” section. This hidden-away section of the website is a repository for various odds-and-ends that have slipped off the main site, but which I’ve decided to keep available due to demand or sentimental nostalgia.

At the moment the only thing in the Archives is the old Lazarus Corporation Text Mixing Desk, our William Burroughs-style cutup generator. A new version of the Text Mixing Desk is currently in development, but you can play with the old one in the Archives while you’re waiting.

Female Nude Study (5 minutes)
Female Nude Study (5 minutes)

New Drawing

Just a quick mention of a new pencil drawing up in my galleries - I’m doing life-drawing once a week again, so hopefully there’ll be quite a few more on their way.

Social Media Outposts

And finally a reminder that you can keep up to date with what’s going on on both Twitter and Facebook:

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