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New artwork from Paul Watson and Alice Kemp

Badb Catha Drawing 4

In this August round-up of Lazarus Corporation news we have some new artwork for you, and hints of what's coming soon.

First of all there’s a new Badb Catha charcoal drawing by Paul Watson which has just been finished yesterday. It will be going up on sale soon just as soon as he’s figured out how to ship it anywhere.

We’re also delighted to bring you news about a new Psychic League for Girls series of paintings by Alice Kemp: the Bruise Lunar Division: nine gently bruising and ballooning lunar manifestations, captured in ink and watercolour on 150gsm recycled cotton rag paper. Each painting measures approx 14.5 x 10.5 cm. These are available to view and purchase from Alice's blog now.

Psychic League for Girls: Bruise Lunar Division

Thank you, as always, for supporting independent artists!