Latest News from the Lazarus Corporation

A separate directory of events featuring artists and writers from the Lazarus Corporation is now available.

New Photography from Paul Watson

We’ve got 8 new photographs from Paul Watson

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New Doll Art from Françoise Duvivier

We’ve got 7 new dolls from Françoise’s “Dementia Dolls” series

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Poems in Stone: Membranes

Membranes is the new vinyl LP creation by Poems in Stone, featuring Alice Kemp

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New writing from Alex Kemp

We’ve just uploaded three new pieces of writing by Alex Kemp

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Artwork from Alice Kemp / Germseed

We’ve just added a veritable hoard of Alice Kemp’s artwork

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New Masks from Françoise Duvivier

Five new pleasantly grotesque Masks from Françoise Duvivier

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New Artwork from Françoise Duvivier

New digital collages and handmade doll-art from Françoise Duvivier

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A Smattering of Updates

There are a handful of minor updates I thought you might want to know about

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Lazarus Corporation Rebooted

The Lazarus Corporation website has been relaunched with a brand new design

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